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Managua’s International Airport + Transfer to San Carlos, capital City of Río San Juan.

Once you get to Managua’s International airport, we will drive more than 4 hours to get to the city of San Carlos on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River entrance. We will spend the night here.

The San Juan River of Nicaragua is an undiscovered treasure, which offers a lot of history, natural beauty and the idiosyncrasy, generosity and hospitality of its inhabitants, which makes it a unique tourist destination in Central America. This spectacular river of around 190 kilometers that goes to the Atlantic Ocean originates in the great Lake Nicaragua or Lake Cocibolca.

 On the banks of the river rest a large number of smaller rivers that come from the mountains, most of which are reserves such as the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, this makes Río San Juan a water drinking area for thousands of species that live in its surrounding shores and surrounding mountains.


City of San Carlos + Public Boat Drive to El Castillo + City Tour in El Castillo.

In the morning, we will have breakfast and at 9am we will take a boat which goes for about 2 more hours to El Castillo. Once we get there, we will have time to get to know the town and at 3pm, we will do the small city tour of El Castillo.


Walking Tour to Indio Maíz Biosphere Reserve + San Juan River Boat Tour (Manatees & Crocodiles)

Early breakfast today and then; we’ll go to one of the most amazing reserves in Nicaragua. Indio Maíz is about 1 hour from El Castillo, we go down the river, enjoying the vast wildlife, we’ll get into the reserve and walk in it for 2 hours in the heart of it. Once we are done, we go in our boat down the river to look for Manatees, big Crocodiles, birds, sloths, etc. Then we will go back to El Castillo around 4pm.

The Indio Maiz Biological Reserve is without a doubt, a natural paradise that is still little explored and which houses a large amount of biodiversity. The richness of its forests in terms of flora and fauna but also the important homework of this reserve using the huge amount of carbon dioxide and convert it into pure oxygen is what gives this reserve the consideration of being known as “The Lungs of Central America”


Public Boat to San Carlos + Public Boat to Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge + Boat Tour at Night.

Today, we will get up at 7am, we will have a delicious breakfast in our hotel and at 8:00 am, we will take our boat back to San Carlos. At 11:00 am, in San Carlos, we will take another boat to go through the Papaturro River in the middle of nature toward the Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge. Once in the Papaturro community, we will eat something and then, we will go for a walk along some trails looking for wildlife. This tour will also take us through hanging bridges to see animals from the treetops. At 7pm, we will take a boat to do a night tour into the heart of the Papaturro River. This beautiful tour takes 2 hours and we will see all kinds of animals.

Located South of Lake Nicaragua and west from San Juan River; Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge (Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Guatuzos) is place which has been cataloged by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. It was the first national wetland to become a RAMSAR site (international treaty for the environmental protection of the wetlands) in 1997. The reserve is named after the community of Los Guatuzos, an indigenous tribe that lived here and disappeared.

Los Guatuzos is a territory occupied mainly by the tropical rainforest. Here, the wetland ecosystem is predominant due to the 18 rivers, creeks and small lagoons located in it. The Reserve is also known for its rich variety of flowers, trees, and animals. Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge contains high populations of caimans, jaguars, panthers, families of howler monkeys and white-faced monkeys. There are also water turtles, iguanas, snakes, lizards, and other animal species.


Kayak Tour + Boat Tour to Solentiname Islands

Our main goal in this part of the country is to observe wildlife and nature in general. To make this possible, in the morning at 6am, we will have to be ready to do our Kayak tour in another area of Papaturro River, with this tour, we will go through small canals and areas where a regular motorboat would not be able to go. This tour will take about 4 hours. Once we are done, we will take all of our luggage and we will be picked up in a private boat to go to the Solentiname Archipelago.

Once in Solentiname we will do our check in. Mancarrón Hotel is the best one in this area. In the afternoon, we will do a tour on the Solentiname islands and enjoy nature, and enjoy the landscape as well. We will spend the night in this area.

The Solentiname Archipelago, also located in the southern area of Nicaragua is one of the best places to escape from the big metropolis to get into the heart of wildlife. If ever there was a place to truly escape the bustle of daily life, to switch off and disconnect, an island in the Archipelago will be waiting for you.

Hidden away in the far corner of Lake Nicaragua, life on the islands moves at a glacial pace. No matter how slow you may potter along the rambling pathways, it still feels as though you are rushing by compared with the rhythm of local life.


Solentiname - Private Boat Ride to Colon - Private Transfer to Granada + Masaya Volcano Lava Night Tour

In the morning, we have breakfast and then we take a private boat from Solentiname, about 2 hours around the lake to get to Colon, this is a town in mainland located in the southern part of Nicaragua. Our driver will be waiting for us there to take us to Granada on a ride which will last about 4 hours. Once in Granada we will have a delicious lunch to get ready for our next tour which will start by 4:00 pm.

The Masaya volcano is undoubtedly the most spectacular geological monument in Central America, and this place has an easy access that makes it very fascinating that can be explored by both natural tourists and scientists of all kinds; volcanologists, geologists, historians and anyone who wants to enjoy a wide variety of unique attractions are somehow obligated to come to this paradise. 

This is a shield-shaped volcano which has allowed the authorities to build a paved road to the main crater and its very well-defined paths will take us to specific points where the human eye will delight.

The Tour: Our adventure will begin at 4:00 pm, we will drive 40 minutes to the entrance of the park, once we get into Masaya Volcano National Park, we obtain our tickets and drive approximately 6 kilometers to the Santiago active crater parking area; it will still be daytime here, so we’ll walk about 20 minutes to the different viewpoints to admire the different beauties that this park has to offer.

This National Park is not only lava, that is why we will arrive before sunset, and we will walk to the top of the Masaya Volcano, throughout the entire journey, from the beginning to the end, our certified and experienced tour guide will explain everything related to this park; its eruptive history and formation, its geology, flora, fauna and tourist importance of this park, in addition to the events that have occurred here over the years.

Once on the edge of the San Fernando and San Juan craters, we will obtain one of the most dazzling views of Central America, with also the most astronomical sunset in the region. From here we will contemplate, in addition to the geological ring called “El Ventarrón” in which the 54 square kilometers of the Masaya Volcano National Park rest; we will enjoy the volcanoes: Mombacho, Masaya, Nindirí, Momotombo, Momotombito (this last one if Managua City is not foggy), the Masaya lagoon, the Xolotlán Lake in Managua and Cocibolca Lake in Granada, the cities of: Managua (capital of Nicaragua), Masaya and Granada and if all this were not enough; get ready to admire the most exuberant sunset (if it’s not raining) of this Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. Here, the sun’s rays play with the steam that comes out of the Santiago crater, this mixture of sun rays and volcanic gasses form a spectacular phenomenon that is admired every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Once the sun is gone, we walk back to the active crater of Santiago, to observe a gigantic and divine lava lake at the bottom of it. We will be at this area for 10 to 30 minutes so that you can take the photos you want and record this tour in your memory as one of the best of your life. Once this tour is finished, we will drive approximately 40 minutes to return to Granada where we will be arriving around 7:30 pm.


Adventure Tours in Rural Community

The communities of Charco Muerto and Los Cocos are located in the southwest side of the city of Granada, in front of the volcanic island of Zapatera and on the shores of Lake Cocibolca and if that’s not enough, this place is also located at the base of the Mombacho Volcano Cloud Forest which enrich Charco Muerto and Los Cocos with a vast variety of biodiversity. The geographical characteristic of this location has privileged these communities with spectacular panoramic landscapes such as coves, beaches, mountains, viewpoints, cliffs, underground waters and above all, beautiful people.

Our day will start early at 6:00 in the morning, at that time we leave Granada and take the Pan-American Highway for 30 minutes and then take a dirt road for almost 25 kilometers to the beach of Casa de Tejas Farm and Playas del Coco in front of Zapatera Island. The road is rustic, muddy and rocky, with streams and ravines, which makes the adventure more dynamic.


Once in the community of Los Cocos, we’ll walk for approximately an hour, passing through tropical forests, we’ll reach the top of a mountain with beautiful viewpoints where we can rest while admiring the spectacular views, after there, we’ll go down the mountain until we reach to the community of Charco Muerto; This is a peninsula with a very particular geological characteristic, full of coves, rocky walls and cliffs, this place is magical in the sight of those who visit it!


From there, we will go on horses to the base of the volcanic hill known as “La Lomona” (the big hill). From there, we will walk to the top of this hill for about 40 minutes. The majestic and dazzling views up there is something you are going to love. From above, you would see and take photos of the Zapatera archipelago, Lake Cocibolca and when it is clear, the imposing Concepción volcano of Ometepe Island can also be seen.

There at the top of La Lomona, we are going to have a picnic, grill beef and have a few beers while we relax for a while in the shade of a big tree. After about two hours, we will go back down to Charco Muerto and from there, by rowboat (you will have your own paddle) to where we left the motorcycles to return to Granada.

On the way back, we will stop by the crystalline and underground waters of Aguas Agrias, this tropical paradise is located at the base of the Mombacho volcano, the water comes from the Mombacho cloud forest, infiltrating through the underground sources and running for many kilometers until it flows here into this place which is perfect for swimming in its waters loaded with medicinal properties for a perfect relaxation. After this, we will return to Granada, arriving here around 5 in the afternoon.


*Very important: With this tour, you are supporting over 30 families and 140 people of these communities who are doing their best to improve their economic situation with these rural activities.


Transfer to the Airport – Back Home

We hope you have enjoyed your trip and hope you will come back again soon! After breakfast, you will be picked up in your hotel and you will be brought to the airport in a one-hour drive.


  • Air-Conditioned Land Transportation
  • All Water Transportation
  • Bilingual, experienced & certified Tour Guide
  • All Entrance Fees
  • All breakfasts
  • Taxes


Dirk M
Dirk M
March 28, 2024
Simple the Best in Nicaragua don't know what to start. Mario loves his job more then most tour operations go, we first made reservations with him through WhatsApp about seeing the Islatas In Granada Nicaragua, It was perfect It was a little bit more expensive than the rest of their tour guides that are on the streets but he promised us a private tour any picked us up from the airport on time and gave us a beautiful Sunsets, I was a little apprehensive over giving him a deposit but his Google reviews were good and it was only $20 deposit. After that he did not push us to use him but we decided to use him to go to Mobacho volcano and do the Puma, after reading lots of reviews on how to do it we decided with Mario and his team. Honestly there was no shenanigans he picked us up from a hotel there was no waiting around to take a 4x4 vehicle the guide over there spoke perfect English and then his driver waited for us to be picked up It was fantastic compared to other people issues trying to save a little bit of money. He also gave as a right to the airport pretty late at night with his driver. Don't hesitate to use him and services for all your tour needs and Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Thank you again. Very polite all the transportation cars what clean and communicated very well. Thank you Mario and Gusto
Steve P
Steve P
March 8, 2024
Fantastic service!!!! I cannot say enough positive things about Mario and his company. They treated me and my group extremely well, far beyond the call of duty. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable tour guide and one with excellent connections I highly recommend them. Also, if you happen to get Maynor as a guide suggest you ask him to sing, he has literally an award-winning voice.
March 8, 2024
Amazing and Memorable Experience with Mario Romero and Golden Tours Nicaragua! Mario Romero of Golden Tours Nicaragua surpassed every expectation as a provider of group transportation, excursions, and as a tour guide and person. To begin with, Mario’s oral and written English and Spanish are superb. From his very first, detailed, descriptive, and thorough introductory summary-of-services email, our correspondence was professional, timely, and clear, enabling one of the smoothest "business" transactions I’ve ever enjoyed, covering logistics and pricing, but also littered with helpful tips and suggestions for me to hone my tour. A bit of context, I’m a Canadian musician and tour leader who ran a 2-week musical excursion for a group of 25 middle-aged choir singer “gringos” from Canada in February 2024. I’d been to Nicaragua before to plan the tour, and so I knew my way around, although I don’t speak Spanish. I needed support running my tour on a variety of fronts; little did I know that by engaging Golden Tours, I’d have most of them covered. Mario Romero responded to a query I’d posted on Facebook looking for recommendations for a bus company to get my group from the airport to our destination. I sent him a quick message outlining my needs, which he responded to promptly and professionally, as mentioned above. Not knowing him, I wrote a few more exploratory emails to feel out the collaboration. He answered all questions promptly and thoroughly, had great prices and services, and it was quickly apparent that he could offer much more to my tour than mere group transportation. And so I engaged him, a decision I have never been more happy with in my life. At that point, Mario helped me settle on the best dates and times for group movements and excursions, working around other facets of the itinerary and helping to bring focus and optimal sequencing among a diverse array of activities. As the collaboration progressed, Mario continuously adapted plans to best fit my group’s needs as he better understood their age and interests. In the end, Mario Romero and Golden Tours coordinated all of my group travel needs, first from the airport in Liberia across the border into Nicaragua, and then from San Juan Del Sur to Granada, to the Masaya Volcano, to Ometepe Island, to beaches, and other destinations. All of this unfolded perfectly and with great adaptability, for example, adapting to the fact that the group had multiple lodging designations to shuttle between. Mario also coordinated the bulk of my group’s excursions, which was enormously helpful since he made all the necessary calls and reservations, handled payment matters with venues, and dealt with small issues that arose directly with venue staff on my group’s behalf. Yes, that’s merely what the job entails, but he carried this out perfectly, never allowing an opportunity for misunderstanding to slow things down. In this capacity, he additionally served my group as translator, tour guide, historian, botanist, sociologist, and philosopher. I do not exaggerate. He even supported our choir by acting as MC and verbally introducing musical selections we sang in our three evening - and very much outside of business hour - concerts, a role I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that our “transport guy” would be able to fill. Mario was liked and respected by every member of my group, a response he earned by simply being an amazing human. At the end of the tour, having discovered Mario’s passion for music and his desire to learn to play, we gave him the group’s electric piano, as a parting gift and partial gesture of thanks. I will definitely be back to Nicaragua to work with Mario and all the guys from Golden Tours Nicaragua - drivers Justo Cárcamo, Marvin Calderón, and tour guide, Maynor Ríos, who led an unforgettable spontaneously-organized early-morning bird-watching tour along the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Thank you, Golden Tours Nicaragua!
March 6, 2024
More than a tour guide! Mario provided lots of support to our musical ensemble during our visit to San Juan del Sur and Granada and shared his knowledge of Nicaragua, volcanos, birds and more. He attended all of our concerts and provided introductions to our repertoire in Spanish. Going beyond the role of a tour guide. Gracias!
David R
David R
February 4, 2024
Nicaragua in September I have traveled with Golden Tours several time and have had a wonderful experience every time. I recommend Mario to help you make your Nicaragha trip unforgettable. They are very knowledgeable and can answer questions or even help plan your trip. I am going back to Nicaragua the end of February and first of March and have everything booked with Golden Tours.
Sophie R
Sophie R
January 28, 2024
Great! Nous avons fait le tour Mombacho, Masaya et Laguna de Apoyo en une journée avec notre guide Abbott. Tout était parfait, il allait à notre rythme et répondait très bien aux questions.
January 12, 2024
una guía de sueños Mario es una guía fantástica! Él es amigable, confiable y muy útil. Logró involucrar a todos en el grupo cada vez. Sabe mucho y puede contar historias bien. Me sentí 100% cómodo con él y nada es demasiado para él. Él es el mejor guía que he conocido. Gracias, Mario ????
Stijn Beleyn
Stijn Beleyn
January 11, 2024
Authentiek, veel info over fauna en flora, amusement Super toffe ervaring in Nicaragua! Mario is de beste gids die je kan hebben. Hij verzet hemel en aarde om u volop te laten genieten van dit prachtige land! De trip naar Charco Muerto was een top ervaring om de lokale bevolking te leren kennen! Zeker niet twijfelen om hem te contacteren en volop te genieten van Nicaragua!!!!
January 10, 2024
Family tour with Mario Our family had a wonderful tour with Mario. He showed us around Granada and we had the best sunset experience at Masaya Volcano park. We got there early to see the sunset while most tours only came at night. Transportation to Ometepe and all the way to our resort in Costa Rica. He even set us up for transfer to Liberia airport. Always on time and professional. Highly recommend for peace of mind.
Peter D
Peter D
January 9, 2024
Best tourguide ever! Mario was our tourguide for 10 amazing days in Nicaragua. He showed us amazing places: El Castillo, Indio Maiz, Los Gatuzos, Solentiname, Granada and all the volcanoes in the area. Communication is excellent, his English is impeccable and his enthusiasm is the icing on the cake. Everything was super easy and smooth, he took us to places we would never have found on our own, places we would never have dreamt of going if it weren't for him. His love for nature, wildlife and people is contagious. His knowledge of the history and the culture of Nicaragua is vast and being around him is fun. While we were exploring and having the time of our lives, he was clearly enjoying the experience as well - which is awesome. Tip - if you can - visit Charko Muerto - you'll get a taste and feel of what the real Nicaragua is like that you cannot find anywhere else!